The five writers to avoid...

1. The starters. They start lots of things, join lots of groups, talk the talk, but never quite manage to complete anything.

2. The non-starters. Those lovely people who are great friends and are fun to be around but they cannot write. At all. It is evident in every email they have ever sent.

3. Those who are convinced they could have been Dostoyevsky if only they had more free time. Pretentiousness kills just about everything – if they really are the next Dostoyevsky they should write by themselves…

4. Bullies. Enough said.

5. Those who are there just for the drinks, the food and the gossip. (These people are great fun - ask them to your book launch but don’t ask them to fix the plot!)

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The Painted Sky and The Shifting Light


The three of us wrote two successful  novels with two other collaborators.


Learn more and order our novels here:

The Painted Sky (2015, Penguin Random House)

The Shifting Light (2017, Penguin Random House)

What others are saying

At first we couldn’t believe that The Painted Sky was written by five people - it reads seamlessly, and the characters and storylines are so vividly realised.”

--Beverley Cousins, Fiction Publisher at Random House Australia.

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Our group fiction writing experience taught us many lessons about how to have a harmonious and happy team experience while creating two fabulous novels.















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