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Picture this...

It’s the day our two-page feature in Sunday Life magazine has come out and I am at the beach with my extended family.

‘‘So, sunglasses and a hat? What are you afraid of? The paparazzi or something?’’ my sister quips.

‘‘No,’’ I laugh, ‘‘Just of sunburn – but you can never be too sure.’

Not more than 10 minutes later she kicks me.

‘‘Look! Look!’’

A couple armed with towels and a sunshade have plonked themselves a few metres away from us on the sand. The woman is holding a copy of that very magazine. She opens it and begins to read. ’‘I wonder if she’s on the right page,’’ my young niece stage whispers. Before I can stop her she is tip-toeing across the sand behind them. She shakes her head and I slink on my towel in embarrassment.’

‘‘What is she doing?’’ I implore my sister.

‘‘Sssh listen!’’

The woman is laughing at something in the magazine. My sister fishes around in her bag for binoculars when my sharp-eyed niece exclaims it is the right page! She’s reading it!

I can’t resist stealing a look at the woman who seems engrossed.

I wonder if she’ll recognise you from the picture, my niece says, almost dancing. In seconds she pulls off my hat and my sunglasses and the woman looks up and stares directly at me. She then turns to the page again and keep reading.

And that’s when it hits me.

Flattering magazine lighting and make-up are the best disguises out there!

Alice Campion

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The Painted Sky and The Shifting Light


The three of us wrote two successful  novels with two other collaborators.


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At first we couldn’t believe that The Painted Sky was written by five people - it reads seamlessly, and the characters and storylines are so vividly realised.”

--Beverley Cousins, Fiction Publisher at Random House Australia.

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