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We are members of a book club who wrote a novel and had it published internationally. We are passionate about the idea of groups coming together to write fiction and we want to show you how. Why is group fiction a good idea? We're glad you asked!


We believe there are thousands, even millions of talented writers out there who are simply not suited to solo writing. Let’s face it, not everyone is cut out to sit alone in a room with a computer for a couple of years having conversations in their head!

Many people simply don’t have the time, resources or confidence to see a creative project through to conclusion.

The beauty of group fiction writing is that just when you are running out of puff, someone else is getting their second wind. And just when you have lost the plot, someone else will come up with an idea. And there’s no opportunity to shirk – with everyone else meeting their deadlines, you will develop the discipline you need to push through your doubts and get something on the page.

So, join our community, download our e-book, keep an eye out for our free tips and guidance and join us on a journey of shared creative excitement!

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The Painted Sky and The Shifting Light


The three of us wrote two successful  novels with two other collaborators.


Learn more and order our novels here:

The Painted Sky (2015, Penguin Random House)

The Shifting Light (2017, Penguin Random House)

What others are saying

At first we couldn’t believe that The Painted Sky was written by five people - it reads seamlessly, and the characters and storylines are so vividly realised.”

--Beverley Cousins, Fiction Publisher at Random House Australia.

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Our group fiction writing experience taught us many lessons about how to have a harmonious and happy team experience while creating two fabulous novels.















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